Save up US$ 500 a year on your light bill!  with a Solar Water Heater.  

Product Pricing
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Solar Collectors from US$ 500 installed.
Solar Collectors can be used in combination with your existing electric water heater. With a small change your tank acts as a reservoir to your solar collector, simple and reliable.

We also carry a wide range of flat plate collectors, street lighting systems, road lighting systems, garden lights, wind generation systems and solar panels.
Split Solar Water Heaters from US$ 800 installed.
Solar Street Lights from US$ 1,600 Installed.

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Solar Systems from US$ 1,000 or US$ 12 / week. No Money Down. We ship to all countries in the Caribbean.Or YOU CAN  USE OUR EASY FINANCE, TO PURCHASE YOUR SOLAR SYSTEM (.TT$ 6.80 per US$).
Smart home kits start at US$ 500 with products like Echo Show, Google Home, Smart LED Lights, Security Monitors, Wemo, TP-Link. We have payment plans to meet your budget. Packages start from US$ 10 / week. Or YOU CAN CHOOSE OUR EASY FINANCE TO PURCHASE YOUR SMART HOME SYSTEM . (TT$ 6.80 per US$)