Split Pressurized Solar System - The split Solar Heating System is specially designed for residential homes and buildings. Such System separates the soalr heat collecting unit and the water tank. The collector can be installed at the sunny facet of a building , such as roof or sidewall. The water tank then can be installed in house with convenience. This makes it possible and easier to install the system aesthetically with original building.

PV Systems For the Home and Business - We offer solar energy solutions for any size household.  and every budget.  We simply start you off with  a system that you can afford, upgrading as you are able whilst maintaining your connection to the electricity grid.  Great savings await you.  contact us today!

BI Photovoltaics For the Savy Business - Our Building Integrated Photovoltaics systems are amongst the most promising renewable energy technologies available. Photovoltaics (PV) are a truly elegant means of producing electricity on site, directly from the sun, without concern for energy supply or environmental harm. These solid-state devices simply make electricity out of sunlight, silently with no maintenance, no pollution, and no depletion of materials.

Energy Efficiency and Building Automation - Our line of products includes a wide range of AC touchscreen thermostats, LED Smart light bulbs Smart Plugs, Motion Sensors, and an integrated platform to put everything at your fingertips,  Call us for a quote today! 

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Light up Any Commuity

Solar Street Lighting

For new developments, small commuities, remote communities, Get your Solar Street Lighting Solution!

Our modern solutions can fit the needs of every community.

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